A look into asset management in 2018

Shawn Lytle
US Country Head of Macquarie Group
Deputy Global Head of Macquarie Investment Management
President, Delaware FundsSM by Macquarie

I think there’s a number of things on the horizon for asset management in 2018 for investors and for the asset management industry. The shift to passive that we have seen over the past couple of years will probably start to slow down as we get into 2018, and I do think that we will start to see active managers distinguish themselves more in some areas in equities and fixed income and on the alternatives side. I often talk about the two ends of the barbell: the one, a higher alpha, active management, higher active share relative to benchmarks, less benchmark-aware [and] more benchmark-agnostic strategies — that’s what we do in equities and in fixed income and some of our strategies.

On the other end of that barbell, it’s just as important — it’s what we do on the alternatives side. And of course the foundation of that is Macquarie infrastructure. We’re the largest manager in the world, but it’s a question about how do we continue to complement and add to those strategies with strategies such as our Absolute Global [Real Estate Investment Trust] REIT strategy, our Absolute-Return Mortgage Backed strategy, other hedge fund strategies we are developing, and also multi-asset alternatives that can provide volatility management or more income-oriented solutions. And…that’s part of our strategy — organic growth — where the investment excellence and capabilities we have married with trying to make smart acquisitions of new investment strategies we can bring to the marketplace.

The views expressed represent the Manager's assessment of the market environment as of December 2017, and should not be considered a recommendation to buy, hold, or sell any security, and should not be relied on as research or investment advice. Views are subject to change without notice and may not reflect the Manager's views.


Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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