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08/21/2018InsightWhat equities might have left to give in 2018Christopher S. Beck, Kent P. Madden, Alex Ely, Sharon Hill, Stefan LöwenthalSmall Mid-Cap Value Equity, Small Mid-Cap Growth Equity
03/05/2018InsightFintech: So much more than BitcoinNate Mahrer, Alex ElySmall Mid-Cap Growth Equity
01/16/2018InsightInvesting in solutions for the opioid epidemicTraver Davis, Alex ElySmall Mid-Cap Growth Equity
11/21/2017InsightChanging consumer-spending habits produce opportunityDina Pliotis, Alex ElySmall Mid-Cap Growth Equity
10/31/2017InsightWhy we believe active will trump passive for the next decadeAlex ElySmall Mid-Cap Growth Equity