Decades of providing solutions
for insurance companiesIt's part of our legacy and focus of our future

Our focus

We combine deep, specialized asset management capabilities with resources that support the unique needs of our insurance clients. We have the resources of a large organization with the entrepreneurial spirit of a small firm. Our shared resource model allows the investment teams to focus on delivering compelling long-term results on behalf of our clients.

Extensive capabilities

Extensive capabilities

Customized for insurers

Customized for insurers

Around the world

Around the world


*As of June 30, 2018
**As of December 31, 2017

Diversified investment capabilities

Macquarie is a global top 50 asset manager, and the world’s largest manager of infrastructure assets. Insurance asset management is not only a part of our legacy – it is a focus for our future.1,2

$US148.6 billionof assets under management for over 140 clients in 14 different countries

120 investment professionalsspanning the globe over investment hubs

As of June 30, 2018

$US91.5 billionMulti-Boutique equity platform with highly active, outcome-oriented investment strategies

12 Equity investment teamsmanaging more than 50 strategies across Global, U.S., ex-U.S., and Asia/Australia investment styles

As of June 30, 2018

Largestinfrastructure asset manager globally2

Largestspecialist infrastructure debt asset manager3

~500dedicated staff in 18 countries

Macquarie Insurance Solutions Group

Dedicated staff engaging with insurance clients in the design, development, and implementation of custom solutions.

Collectively over 45 years of insurance solution development and investing

  • Industry insightsIndustry insights
  • Portfolio optimizationPortfolio optimization
  • Advanced client serviceAdvanced client service
  • Peer analysisPeer analysis

1Pensions & Investments, The Largest Money Managers (May 2018)

2IPE Top 50 infrastructure investment managers 2018

3PDI Top 50, 2017


4:00pm EDT


Musical chairs and the path forward for insurance investors

Join us for a timely discussion on market opportunity insights and how insurers can capitalize on them. Christopher J. Hanlon, CFA, will provide his perspective on: 1) feedback from the Macquarie Fixed Income Strategic Forum 2) observations on muni investing post tax law changes 3) setting insurance investment strategy over the intermediate term.

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Mid-year investment outlook for insurers

A timely discussion on how insurance investors are preparing for the second half of 2018. Christopher J. Hanlon, CFA, shares his perspective on: 1) Key macro themes 2) Industry trends and regulatory environment; 3) Implications for insurers.

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Navigating a challenging market: Fixed income in 2018

2018 is in full swing, especially for global fixed income managers. With a volatile start to the year, investors need guidance on the impacts that central bank activity and new legislation could have on their portfolios. Join Macquarie Investment Management for a panel discussion, featuring investment experts from across our fixed income teams.

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How insurers are using private placements to enhance their portfolios

Private placement bonds are an important part of the capital markets and have become more attractive to insurers in recent years. A panel of asset managers and private placement professionals will discuss why private placement bonds have been gaining in popularity and how insurers have used them in their portfolio mix.

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Thomas Hobson

Thomas Hobson, CFA

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Christopher J. Hanlon, CFA

  • Insurance Solutions Group — Head of Strategy and ALM
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Scott Jeffreys

  • Insurance Solutions Group — Strategy and ALM
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Camilla Zhou

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