Insurance asset management

Insurance Portfolio Solutions

A highly customized approach for serving the unique needs of insurance clients

Top 10
global insurance manager1

Top 50
global asset manager2

World's largest
infrastructure manager3

Three strengths in one firm:

  • Extensive insurance knowledge
    • More than 20 years of experience managing both captive and third party insurance assets
    • Team dedicated to serving our insurance clients
  • Strong core fixed capabilities
    • More than USD$80bn of our Fixed Income assets are invested in corporate credit
    • Fundamentally-driven investment process that dovetails with company’s/clients individual operating environments
  • Access to unique family of specialty investment capabilities
    • Suite of hard-to-replicate solutions aligned with insurance company challenges
    • We are the world’s largest infrastructure manager3

1Eager, Davis, & Holmes, 12/31/16, Global Non-Affiliated GA Assets

2IPE Top 400 Asset Managers, June 2016

3Assets under management, Towers Watson Global Alternatives Survey 2017